• Skype Group Video Calling For Mobile and Tablets Now Available
    [March 1, 2016] Microsoft announced the launch of Skype group video calling for mobile phones and tablets. This is now rolling out on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets in Western Europe and North America. “At Skype we believe that video is essential to maintaining personal connections with the people who matter most,” Skype says in a […]
  • Shopify Launches POS for Android
    [January 20, 2016] Shopify launched Shopify POS for iOS all the way back in 2013. Now, the system is available for Android, which has a much larger share of the mobile operating system market. Shopify POS allows merchants to accept payments with their smartphone or tablet, making it easier to sell at markets, popups, trade shows, in-store, etc. […]
  • How do I update apps on my Android tablet?
    [November 13, 2015] I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 and really like it. It’s fun to have Android on a big screen. The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to check for app updates rather than wait for the system to stumble across them. Is there some trick to that? If you’ve only used Android […]
  • A Tale of Two Tablets: AT&T HD Trek and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
    [September 30, 2015] Tablets aren’t quite a commodity yet, but there are sure a lot of them on the market, from the sub-$100 generic Android devices to the high end Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple iPad. When AT&T sent us one of the new HD Trek Android tablets that they’re offering, we were curious to have a closer […]
  • Highly recommended: The Microsoft Surface Pro 3
    [August 25, 2015] Today’s post is very different from usual. It’s about an interesting device, which I’ve been using over the past 7 days. Around 10 days ago, Microsoft reached out to me and offered me a Surface Pro 3. I was surprised to say the least! They wanted me to tell them what I thought of it, […]
  • iPads Are Selling Less and Less Due To The iPhone and Mac
    [May 13, 2015] Consumers seem to be showing less and less interest in Apple’s iPad line as time goes on, and that’s not necessarily because of the device’s competition from other tablets. In February, IDC released research findingthat people bought 3 million fewer tablets in the prior quarter than they did a year before that.
  • 5 Trends and Future of Enterprise Mobility Includes Geography
    [April 15, 2015] Some new research on trends in mobility… According to Forrester, there will be one billion smartphone consumers by 2016, with 257 million smartphones and 126 million tablets in the U.S. alone.  Businesses will implement the following five trends in response to this mobile movement, transforming how we experience shopping, business collaboration, travel and marketing.
  • Google Inbox Now Available for iPad and Android Tablets
    [February 27, 2015] Last fall, Google launched Inbox by Google, a new email app, which it hopes will one day replace Gmail as the email experience people like to use. It’s still only available by invitation, but eventually it’s going to be available to all. The company announced that it is now available for the iPad and Android […]
  • Microsoft Brings Preview of Office Apps to Android Tablets
    [January 14, 2015] Early last year, Microsoft finally launched its long-awaited Office apps for iPad. In November, the company announced their Android counterparts, making Word, Excel, and Powerpoint available in preview mode.
  • Should You Buy Your Children a Tablet?
    [November 26, 2014] Kids love electronics and it seems like most of them are becoming interested in tablets at a younger age.
  • Video Review: HP ElitePad 1000 G2
    [October 29, 2014] I’m a pretty avid fan of Apple products and have iPads since they were first released. I now have a full size iPad and an iPad Mini which I use when I travel and as a Kindle-like device to read books all the time. But iOS while it’s slick isn’t a real, full-power operating system, […]
  • Android Tablets Receive PayPal Here Support
    [September 23, 2014] PayPal Here is the card reader offering and Square competitor PayPal launched over two years ago. They’ve just now made the app available for Android tablets.
  • With The Decline of The Table, Laptop Sales See Increase
    [August 27, 2014] Laptop sales have been increasing lately with the decline of tablet sales. The tablet, once touted as the laptop killer, is slowly sinking in popularity.
  • The Tablet Version Of Wikipedia Gets A Makeover
    [July 23, 2014] The Wikimedia Foundation unveiled a new look for Wikipedia and its other properties for tablets. There are similarities to the mobile web version you’ve already been seeing on your smartphone, but there are also some differences.
  • Tablets Receive Their Own Version Of Wikipedia
    [June 25, 2014] The Wikimedia Foundation unveiled a new look for Wikipedia and its other properties for tablets. There are similarities to the mobile web version you’ve already been seeing on your smartphone, but there are also some differences. For one, they’ve increased the font size and narrowed the width of the content area, and the design is […]
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet Screens To Increase In Size, According To Leak
    [May 14, 2014] Samsung’s quest to offer a mobile Galaxy-branded device in every conceivable size category is continuing apace. GSMArena this week reported that Samsung is preparing three new tablet devices in a variety of sizes. The report’s unnamed source revealed that the largest of these tablets has a whopping 13.3-inch display. This display size matches the one […]
  • Video Review: UbiSlate Datawind 7Ci – $37.99 Android tablet
    [April 10, 2014] I kid you not, dear reader. A 7″ Android tablet computer that does almost everything the expensive units do (think iPad Mini) but at a fraction of the price. A price that’s so low that you could lose it on a plane and it’d be no big deal. I kid you not, dear reader. A […]
  • Market Saturation Slowing Tablet Growth
    [March 11, 2014] The tablet segment is seeing explosive growth in emerging markets, heralding an even greater slowdown for the PC market in the coming years. Even with tablets flying off shelves in newer markets, though, the overall tablet market may have already hit its peak growth.
  • 8 Inch Nexus Tablet Coming?
    [February 19, 2014] Rumors of Google’s Nexus tablet line have been swirling for a few weeks now, with only a few details about future devices leaking out. HTC is said to be the next partner Google has for the Nexus line, with the manufacturer developing the next Nexus 10 tablet. For its smaller Nexus tablets, however, it seems […]
  • New Hybrid Tablet/Notebook Unveiled By HP
    [January 30, 2014] HP has recently shifted its business to focus more on its enterprise software and security offerings but the company still has its foot firmly planted in the PC hardware business. HP is now neck-and-neck with Lenovo for the title of largest notebook brand.
  • Tablets Are The Driving Force Behind Consumer Computer Sales Increase
    [January 3, 2014] Throughout the past few years, the tech industry has watched as consumers bought fewer PCs each year. Shipments of PCs and notebooks have been declining for several consecutive quarters now. Consumers have not been lured in by new PC hardware features such as touchscreen notebooks and Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform has similarly failed to gain […]
  • Tablets To Overtake PCs & Notebooks
    [December 5, 2013] The low cost and high usability of tablets has for some time now been taking sales away from more traditional PCs. The PC and notebook markets are now experiencing quarter after quarter of declining shipment numbers. Now, market research firm Canalys is showing just how dominant tablet technology has become.
  • In Emerging Markets, Small-Brand Tablets Are Thriving
    [November 14, 2013] Though the tablet industry as a whole is thriving, the market segment is already beginning to saturate is the world’s largest tech markets. For large-brand manufacturers of tablets, this could even mean a drop in year-over-year sales during the important holiday season.
  • Android Tablets Get New Twitter App
    [October 16, 2013] Twitter announced today that it now has an app specifically optimized for Android tablets.
  • New Algiz 7 Super-rugged Tablet
    [September 16, 2013] Something new and rugged from Sweden… Handheld Group, a fast-growing manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, PDAs and smartphones, today announced the launch of the new version of its highly popular Algiz7 rugged tablet computer. The updated Algiz 7 is considerably faster than its predecessor, with better storage capacity, improved security and quicker communication capabilities. The […]